Sustainably sourced wild venison.

There has been much talk about sustainable food production recently and we believe Wild Venison is one of the most ethical and sustainable meat sources available

We use sustainably sourced local wild venison from our surrounding area. Wild deer roam freely in the Scottish hills feeding on heather,wild plants and grass. This makes wild venison a delicious healthy and sustainable meat source. With no natural predators in Scotland, the wild deer population has to be managed by man to keep the numbers at a sustainable level. This is to protect the environment from overgrazing and starvation of the animals in a strong winter.

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Venison is a healthy and sustainable meatsource. It’s low in fat, high in iron, protein a nd essential omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B. Venison contains 20% of the daily requirement of selenium and zinc. Only our Pork and Venison & Pork charcuterie contain pork, all our other products are made with 100% venison without added pork fat. This makes them a healthy alternative to the more common, pork based charcuterie and also suitable for people who do not want to eat pork.