Serves: 6


Venison Salami, smoked venison or venison bresaola, olives, blue cheese, salad leaves, figs, sun dried tomatoes in oil, remoulade made with pear and celeriac, artichoke hearts in oil, crowdie or cream cheese, oatcakes, cranberry or redcurrant jelly.


Remoulade wrapped in Venison salami;
Make a remoulade with match stick sized cut celeriac and pear and a little dressing. Place a small amount in the centre of a salami slice. Hold together with a cocktail stick.

Mediterranean stick;
Olive, quarter slice of Smoked Venison or Venison Bresaola, salad leaf and a sun dried tomato on a cocktail stick.

Fig, blue cheese and cured venison;
Put a quarter slice of smoked venison or venison bresaola, a small cube of blue cheese and a quarter of a fig on a cocktail stick.

Artichoke hearts wrapped in Venison Salami;
Cut an artichoke in small pieces and wrap in a slice of venison salami. Secure with a cocktail stick.

Charcuterie oatcakes;
Spread a little crowdie or other cream cheese on an oatcake. Top with a quarter slice of salami or smoked and add a small salad leaf and a dollop of Cranberry or Redcurrant jelly.