Smoked Grouse Crostinis

Serves: 10


Small loaf of sourdough bread
Soft coats cheese or curd
Smoked Grouse Breast thinly sliced
Rocket leaves
50g hazelnuts
Handful of brambles
2 tbsp orange juice
Rapeseed or olive oil
Salt and Pepper


Slice the bread in even slices and grill on both sides for a nice crust.
Toast the hazelnuts briefly and crush into small pieces.
Bring the brambles slowly to the boil with the orange juice until soft.
Push the mixture through a sieve with the back of a spoon.
Mix the cooled bramble juice with a few tablespoons of oil and season with salt and pepper to make the bramble sauce.
Take a crostini and spread the goats cheese on top, add a few leaves of rocket and top with a couple of slices of the grouse breast. Drizzle with bramble sauce and garnish with crushed hazelnuts.

These Smoked Grouse Crostinis make a nice sharing starter or you can make them smaller for canapés.

This recipe was developed for the Game to Eat campaign promoting the delights of British game meat.