Rory Lovie is the headchef at Bridgeview Station in Dundee. The restaurant is housed in a converted Victorian station  building on the western fringes of Dundee with a views across the Firth of Tay.
Rory is a great supporter of Scottish produce and often uses our charcuterie in his dishes. As the restaurant is closed at the moment and Rory is at home, we sent him some of our charcuterie as a treat in these uncertain times. He used our wild venison chorizo in this fabulous dish and we are delighted to share it with you.
The Lobster sauce will take some time to prepare but you will feel like you are dining out at home!
Hake and Chorizo Dish by Rory Lovie
Hake Fillet, Venison Chorizo, Crushed Potatoes and Fennel, Lobster Sauce

Serves 4


Rapeseed Oil x 50ml
Hake Fillets x 4 (skin on)
Fennel x 1 bulb (keep fronds for garnish)
Baby potatoes x 200g
Grain Mustard x 2 tsp
Venison Chorizo x 2 sticks
Lobster Sauce x 400ml

Lobster Sauce:
Rapeseed Oil x 1 tbsp
Lobster Shells from 1 whole lobster
Passata x 250g
Tomatoes x 2
Onion x 1
Celery x 1 stick
Carrot x 1
White Wine x 150ml
Water x 300ml
Star Anise x 2
Lime Leaves x 3
Creme Friache x 100g


Start with Lobster Sauce, roughly chop the onion, carrot, tomatoes and celery and bash the lobster shells up. Add this all to a large pot with the rapeseed oil and let it sweat. Add in the star anise and lime leaves and cook for 4-5 minutes. Next add the white wine, water and the Passata. Bring everything to the boil, then simmer for around 20-30 minutes. Once the time is up add all of the mix to a high powered blender or you could bash it up with a rolling pin. Once the mix is all blitzed up pass it through a fine sieve into a clean pot so you filter out all the bits of shell. Bring the sieved sauce back up to the boil and then add in the creme fraiche and reduce it until the sauce coats the back of a spoon. Season to taste.

Next boil the baby potatoes in some salted water until just tender and leave to cool. Thinly slice the fennel on a mandolin, then sweat them off in a pan with 15ml of oil until lightly coloured. Now take the potatoes and chop them up roughly and add to fennel along with the grain mustard and warm up. Season with salt and pepper.

Meanwhile if the lobster sauce has gotten cold slowly heat this up until it is warm enough and keep it warm till you are ready to serve.

Chop up the Venison chorizo into slices and leave on the side. Take a frying pan and simply heat up the rest of your oil, season the hake then pan fry skin side down until nicely coloured and then flip over and cook for a further 5 mins until the flesh is just cooked. Lastly add in the chorizo to heat the slices through.

Turn off the heat and the fish will continue to cook and rest until ready to plate.

To plate:

Place the the crushed potato and fennel mix onto the middle of the plate. Place the chorizo around the potato mix then pour in the warm lobster sauce until it nearly covers the chorizo. Place the hake on top of the potato mix and garnish with the left over fennel fronds.