About us

Great Glen specialise in producing charcuterie using only wild Scottish venison.

We are a family business set up in 2003 by us, Jan Jacob and Anja Baak. We live and work in the beautiful little village of Roy Bridge, set deep in the rugged Scottish Highlands. As you will have guessed from our names, we are not Scottish and originally hail from The Netherlands.

From Estate to Plate film

The story of Great Glen Charcuterie. Jan Jacob and Anja live in Scotland with sustainability and stewardship of the land at the heart of their business and family life.

The film produced by Lizzie MacKenzie will take you to the mountains of the Highlands, where stalkers work with Highland ponies to bring the culled deer down from the hills, through the slow and artisan production process of making charcuterie, and how the charcuterie is enjoyed by the whole family.

Watch the film here.


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