Charcuterie Feast
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Wild Venison Charcuterie Feast


Fabulous Wild Venison Charcuterie box with eight products to give you many delicious meals or a fabulous feast. This makes a wonderful gift too.


Product Description

A wonderful selection of most of our products. This will provide a fabulous feast for a party or you can eat the products over time. Each product is vacuum packed and has 3 months shelf life.

The box contains.

  • min 55g sliced Venison Bresaola
  • min 75g sliced Smoked Venison
  • min 90g sliced Green Pepper Venison Salami
  • min 90g sliced Mustard Seed Salami
  • min 90g sliced Venison & Pork Salami
  • min 60g venison chorizo
  • min 60g chilli venison chorizo
  • min 60g Venison & Pork chorizo
  • recipe booklet