Green Pepper Venison Salami Gift Box
cropped-cropped-Venison-Salami-and-Dunsyre-Blue-Salad-with-Pear1Green Pepper Venison Salami

Small Green Pepper Venison Salami


We have produced a small version of our normal Green Pepper Venison Salami. This product will come vacuum packed in lovely tube packaging. It makes a unique gift.

This salami is made with pure venison and gently spiced with added green peppercorns for the right balance. It was awarded 3 Gold Stars and Best Charcuterie product of the UK at the Great Taste Awards in 2013.

After opening this salami will keep well for at least a month and up to 6 weeks. Wrap in greaseproof paper and keep in the fridge.

Min 500g  about 20cm long

Serve on a platter with other meats and some olives or in a sandwich with salad, roasted peppers and cream cheese.


GT 17 3-star

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